About our company

FLASER sp. z o.o. is a company that manufactures lasers for contactless ablation removal of coatings. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. We have the relevant knowledge and technology and aim to become one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning lasers.

We have a wide range of medium- and high-power industrial pulsed lasers. We also provide after-sales services for individuals, small, medium and large companies as well as multinational corporations. We can perform coating removal operations faster and more accurately using FLASER lasers. We assure you that our equipment is reliable, efficient and produces less waste. We provide service support throughout the lifetime of our products.

About FLASER lasers

Our offer covers countless areas of application processes in many industries, including automotive, electronics, historic preservation, heavy industry and many more.

Our products are based on the experience of laser cleaning companies, which is why we build machines that meet 100% of our customers requirements and are characterised by practical design solutions. We are experts in providing production and service solutions that are sought-after on the market.

Polish product

All FLASER lasers are designed and manufactured in our production facility in Poland. We employ the best engineers and technicians and develop advanced technologies to continuously improve our products. We are committed to using the best innovative European engineering achievements to reach the highest level of product quality.

Moreover, we focus on maintaining as much internal production as possible, from components to our own software. Regardless of the device, all of our machines conform to the highest technical and manufacturing standards. Whatever the industry or needs, we are prepared to take on the challenges and find practical solutions based on the "Made-In-Poland" laser technology.

Training and courses

We provide comprehensive training designed to deliver a complete overview of the various functions of the equipment, a detailed explanation of the topic of ablation and laser application.

Furthermore, upon request, we can prepare courses tailored to your needs. Our training materials are divided into modules that can be easily combined to create more comprehensive courses tailored to the individual needs of each customer.